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Oct 18, 2012 11:30am PDT
quality that you experience nowadays when you travel to delhi. when you land in the city, the first thing that you are aware of as you exit your airplane is the thickness of the air that surrounds you. it almost has a physical presence in terms of its quality because there's so much dust and particulate matter-- fumes from cars, industrial emissions and manufacturing emissions-- that the quality of the air is... is and feels very dangerous. it's not uncommon to go for a walk in delhi for half an hour and to come back with black coating around the outside of your nostrils or on your clothes. and it's really been assessed by the world health organization as one of the ten most polluted cities-- in terms of its air quality-- in the world, and that is a very recent phenomenon. i would say in the last 15 years air quality has become devastating in terms of what it's doing to people's health. man: ...delhi and the delhi metropolitan area are down... narrator: the national capital region plan board is attempting to solve some of these problems. it has formulated a comprehensive plan for th
Oct 9, 2012 11:30am PDT
distinguished family-- count raymond of toulouse had helped capture jerusalem in the first crusade. henri's branch of the family came from the red-brick city of albi in the south of france. henri grew up in a world of chateaus and privilege in a family living on the fruits of its noble past. but a france governed by the middle class was losing its taste for nobility. like many aristocrats, his father alphonse retreated into rural pastimes-- riding and hunting. an eccentric, he looked wistfully back to the family's glorious past. alphonse had married his first cousin adele, a common practice in a class anxious to preserve the purity of its bloodlines. but the results of inbreeding for henri were uncommonly cruel. his legs were short and weak. he broke each of them in early adolescence and stopped growing when he was 14. he was just under five feet tall. his head, hands and torso continued to develop. but his stunted legs made walking painful for the rest of his life. denied the aristocratic pleasures of riding and hunting, henri turned to sketching and painting rural scenes. he had a flair f
Oct 29, 2012 7:30pm PDT
earliest works is a work called "mi abuelita," and it was my first mural in the city of los angeles in the hall and beck band show. and it's a work about my grandmother, with arms open to the children from the afuereÑos niÑos, who could dance in her arms. in terms of farmworking images, there are very few that exist that are from the position of farmworkers -- their experiences and their life. the guadalupe mural project represents a yearlong residency in the city of guadalupe, which is a farmworking town in central california. another very early work is a piece called the "uprising of the mujeres." that figure of the indigenous woman who's rising up out of the fields has become something of a synonymous image with my work. in public spaces in los angeles, the spaces are controlled by young people. if i was to paint on one of these walls... i was going to have to have their permission. and so i began to organize gangs. people were really amazed that there were gang members painting, and the los angeles times carried the first article ever wri en about my work. it said, "gang members
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3